Shri Jyoti Star 9 on the Mac!

Very Important Note:

Andrew Foss has created a new version of Shri Jyoti Star, called Version 10, which has many new features but these major limitations:

It can only be purchased on the Microsoft Windows app website.

It can only be purchased via a subscription
that renews unless you specify otherwise.

It will only run on Windows 10 and 11 computers
(no Macs or Windows 7 PCs).

This means that no distributors can sell version 10
nor provide any customer support for it, including me.

So if you want to run Shri Jyoti Star
on a Mac (under Crossover), or on a Windows 7 PC,
or refuse to purchase subscription software (as I do),
you can purchase Shri Jyoti Star 9 below:

Shri Jyoti Star is the most powerful and best designed Vedic astrology program available, and version 9 will run on the Mac under Crossover and Playon.

You can get instructions for installing and running Shri Jyoti Star on the Mac here:

Get Shri Jyoti Star 9 (at the discounted price of $309) -- via download by clicking on the following button:

New Bonus: When you order through me, you receive my special Shri Jyoti Star program manual which shows you how to use many of the program's great features

To see its current Table of Contents, click here.

(only available by ordering through me)

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