Shri Jyoti Star version 4.0

ShriSource is releasing their Shri Jyoti Star version 4.0, which is a very major enhancement of what is already one of the most powerful Vedic astrology programs.

Version four will include many enhancements of its present features and also several great new features. The enhancements include:

The new features include a uniquely powerful Astro*Carto*Graphy function with the unique ability to view two different people's map lines on the same map, the ability to see changes in the Lagna and MC as you move the cursor across the map, and the even more powerful ability to see the person's charts and tables next to the map change as you move the cursor to new locations.

More formats. For both the Main Screen and Printed Page Designer, you have the option of both more formats to choose from and can use different formats on each screen/page. This means that you can view one screen with 24 tables on it, and the next screen with one detailed very large chart on it. With my help, the author has renamed many of the menus and menu items to make the program much easier to use.

Version 4 also adds the ability to view aspect lines for any chart format (North Indian, South Indian, and Western Wheels). You can see Whole Sign, Parashari, Jaimini, Parashari and Jaimini combined, Tajik, Systems Approach (aspects within 5 degrees), and Western aspect lines, and easily toggle between them to see the differences. Excellent!

The new version has many, many more tables to choose from, including several Saham (Arabic Parts), argalas for planets and houses, kutas for all planets (within a chart or between charts), rising sign and d-chart lagnas for the day, a System's Approach report, and many more. The Transit report has been significantly enhanced, too. You can now see daily, monthly, or three month reports showing entries into signs, nakshatras, and navamsas, kakshas, aspects, KP subs, and more.

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