Shri Jyoti Star 9.0

Very Important Note:

Andrew Foss has created a new version of Shri Jyoti Star, called Version 10, which has many new features but these major limitations:

It can only be purchased on the Microsoft Windows app website.

It can only be purchased via a subscription
that renews unless you specify otherwise.

It will only run on Windows 10 and 11 computers
(no Macs or Windows 7 PCs).

This means that no distributors can sell version 10
nor provide any customer support for it, including me.

So if you want to run Shri Jyoti Star
on a Mac (under Crossover), or on a Windows 7 PC,
or refuse to purchase subscription software (as I do),
you can purchase Shri Jyoti Star 9 below:

To order Shri Jyoti Star 9.0:

With my current shelter-in-place sale, in addition to my already discounted price for the full program (below), I giving everyone an additional $15 rebate (or you can have me donate that amount to the needy).

Shri Jyoti Star is a phenomenally powerful and versatile Vedic astrology program that runs under Windows and also on Macs that either have Crossover or Windows installed on them.

I highly recommend getting Shri Jyoti Star via download because you will receive it much more quickly, get the very latest version (instead of needing to update the much older version provided on the CD), and avoid shipping and duty fees. (And you can copy the downloaded file to a flash drive or CD for backup or for installing on another PC.)

Note: as with most computer software, all astrology software sales are final. In the unlikely case that you have issues installing or running Shri Jyoti Star, Andrew will help you to resolve them.

Purchase Shri Jyoti Star 9 (at the discounted price of $309) -- via download by clicking on the following button:

Note: Your download link will be emailed to you within two days directly from Shri Jyoti Shri's creator.


(Note: The author of Shri Jyoti Star discourages people from ordering Shri Jyoti Star on CD since it's the same file as you get via download and takes much longer to deliver.)

You can purchase Shri Jyoti Star 9 (at the discounted price of $329) -- shipped to you on CD to US addresses -- by clicking on the following button:

Note: I will email you the manual, as a PDF file, for download orders.


You can get the update to version 9 from a previous version of Shri Jyoti Star here.


Shri Jyoti Star 9

In the past few months, Andrew has released the latest version of Shri Jyoti Star, version 9.

This version has important updates to the time-change atlas, the supremely accurate Chitrapaksha ayanamsha, and a phenomenal new Rectification Screen:

The above screen shows you events that you've entered in Vimshottari and Chara Dasas showing the changes that earlier and later birth times make, as well as a Planetary Positions table and a set of 5 divisional charts, that you can easily shift forward and backward in time by chosen increments.

A Phenomenal tool!

Other enhancements include:

Crossover Compatible (for the Mac or Linux - only tested on the Mac) which allows Mac users to freely use this phenomenal program by installing Crossover first.

No restriction on the size of Notes

More Screen Pages: 36 instead of 24

Save all screen pages or all Print out pages as one PDF (Edit menu/Copy or Save or right-click and use Copy or Save this)

New Layout Examples with several powerful new pages giving easy access to key features

New All Divisions chart that shows all available Varga/divisional variations, such as different types of Drekkana

The Pushkar table now shows Pushkar degrees (See Planet Nakshatra table - e.g. search on 'pushkar')

Improved Varshphal

New Layout Example pages - powerful new VP page including new Dasha Indications table and a new All Tajika Varga page

New detailed strength table with Harsha bala, Panchavargiya bala and Dwadashiya Varga bala

Instantly increment or decrement all VP/TP charts and table on the page by a year (click anywhere and type +1 or -1 to access this option)


Rashi sounds added to the Nakshatra Qualities - this is very useful for name giving and much else. The rashi sounds are a condensation of the Nakshatra sounds that are often used in Jyotish

New Sign Transit listing - Find this in the Panchanga and Transit item under Reports. The dedicated reports are listed near the top of the dialog under where the starting date, etc. are assigned

Language Support

Grahas, Rashis and Nakshatras now can show in Devanagari (Hindi). Coming soon Tamil and other languages if users request.

More enhancements to come!


My Mountain Astrologer of Shri JyotiStar 7 Pro


Shri Jyoti Star has been the preeminent Vedic astrology program for many years for Windows Pcs (and for Macs running Windows). Version 7 has recently been released, with many new features and significant enhancements.

Shri Jyoti Star 7 Pro now uses the Swiss Ephemeris for superb precision, and can import charts from Goravani's Jyotish, and Parashara's Light (as well as Quick*Charts, Solar Fire, and Jhora files).

Perhaps the most radical change is the new Choices and Options menu. Instead of thematic screens (e.g. Charts, Tables, Graphs, etc.), there is a simple search field followed by a list of the same choices. If you enter even partial search terms, like col for color, or click on any item in the list, the program swiftly takes you to the relevant features and options. The menu allows you to back up a step, change the font size, and return to the beginning menu. It remembers your favorite choices and makes them readily available. It took me a bit of time to appreciate how quickly one can find things using the menu, but it's definitely growing on me.

The new Dashas and Events graph has an excellent depiction of the dasas to five levels and life events for the native or for a second chart, for a month, year, decade, or 100 years. It's slider allows you to choose any date to see its auspiciousness, too.

The Ingresses graph is equally impressive. You can choose sign or nakshatra ingresses for a period of a day, week, month, year, or 5 years; include the outer planets, and select a color scheme to indicate dignity, malefic/benefic status, or Ashtakavarga or Sarvaashtakavarga strength.

Perhaps even more useful is the new Collated Transits Report. Like the hit listings in Western astrology programs, this generates an entering-exact-leaving chronological listing of the aspects between transiting planets and natal points. The choice of natal points is outstanding and includes the planets and Lagna, upagrahas, house cusps, Arudha Padas, and Special Lagnas. You can choose Vedic or Rashi aspects (or both), choose a 1 degree or 5 degree orb, omit Lunar transits, and include transits to transits and outer planets.

The Kaksha Report and Ashtakavarga Reports are also quite valuable, helping pinpoint the best dates and times.

One of the most pioneering enhancements in version 7 is the SarvatoBhadra Chakra Biwheel. Many astrologers use the SarvatoBhadra Chakra to determine the effects of transits upon a chart, but here you can view both transiting and natal at once and the Nakshatra aspects between them. The Chakra shows Special Nakshatras and can display the Surya and Chandra Kalanal Chakras too.

There are many lovely touches in the program. While viewing a divisional chart, you can switch to different calculation variants with a single click. Similarly, it's simple to see where the current date and time (and life events that you've entered into the program) fall in dasa listings, because there is an "n" or "e" next to the date for now and events, respectively. The retrograde graph now shows the date of directional change. And there are new delineations for Nakshatras derived from the Taittiriya Brahmana.

Custom Search can search for points at specific Tara Bala positions or Special Nakshatra placements. Charts and screens can be saved in many formats, including PDFs. And the program has beautiful backgrounds to be added to screens and printouts.

Finally, version 7 has an incredibly valuable Rectification Table. It shows the events that you've entered for a chart with five columns of dasas and subperiods for each. For example, you could select a time step of one minute, and it would show the dasas down to 6 sub-periods for two minutes earlier, one minute earlier, the current birth time, one minute later, and two minutes later. It can brilliantly hide all of the levels that don't change, so you can focus on what does change with each time shift. A truly effective tool!

All in all, Shri Jyoti Star 7 Pro is revolutionary. It has advances in its basic operation and more commonly used features, and the addition of functions of remarkable power. Vedic astrologers will rejoice at the versatility and range of this superlative program.


Shri Jyoti Star 7: A First Look

Andrew Foss has just released the latest version of his foremost Vedic astrology program.

Version 7 offers several innovations and improvements including:

Perhaps one of the most useful new features is the new transit report. It prints out a color-coded listing of transiting events with entering orb, exact hit, and leaving orb dates.

You can choose an orb (1 degree, 5 degrees, or whole sign), the natal points (e.g. transits to planets, house cusps, include upagrahas or Arudha padas), Vedic or Rashi aspects, only transit-to-natal or also transit-to-transit, include Outer planet aspects, include or omit omit the Lunar ones.

I will be exploring additional features, but for now here's a list of enhancements and new features from Andrew:

New Vimshottari Dasha graph with events. Zoom in and out on the dashas from one month to 100 years to quickly see what is going on over time.

Combine with the new Ingress graph for signs and nakshatras and enhanced graphs of Retrogression and other factors to get the whole view at a glance.

All new, easy, searchable Choices and Options dialog gets you what you want at high speed. An advanced search algorithm and a favourites list make life easy.

New Rectification Table greatly speeds up the process of rectifying based on dashas and events.

Supports Unicode for names and notes, Devanagari, Japanese, Chinese and more.

Enhanced Reports - New text on Nakshatras. Dedicated listings of Transits (collated), Kakshyas and Ashtakavarga with Sarvashtakavarga for up to a year at a time.

New Tables and improvements to many other tables, charts and graphs.

Easily save an on-screen object, like a chart, or whole page as a file in various formats including PDF.

Biwheel Nakshatra Chart, the SarvatoBhadraChakra. See many special details about Nakshatras and study transits over the natal Nakshatras. This is a favourite chart of people working with the financial markets.

Custom Table has Financial Dignities. When it comes to money, relationships are different!

New KP Significators table.

Improved Varshphal functioning.

New Shadbala Breakdown table, Saptavargiya Strength table and more Shadbala related options.

True Chitrapaksha Ayanamsha available. This Ayanamsha is based purely on Astronomical factors, was used by most ancient astrologers, and is highly accurate.

Nakshatras added to the Circle Chart. See Lordships, Tara Bala, Special and dangerous Nakshatras at a glance, even in Biwheel mode.

Divisional charts have one click access to common variations where they exist.

See AtmaKaraka and other Chara Karakas in charts even showing if a replacement takes place.

New choices and improvements for what you can see in charts.

Dashas can be compressed into more ranges, up to 12 years. E.g. for a 4 year US Presidency or a 5 year Parliament.

New Tithi Astottari Dasha especially for annual charts using Tithi Pravesh.

Yama Ardhas in the Panchang report. Go far beyond mere Rahu Kalam.

Enhancements to other Dashas and their presentation and functionality including scrolling with mouse wheel or trackpad.

Enhanced Custom Yoga Search dialog. Search for more combinations including many more for Nakshatras.

Enhanced Planetarium with planetary orbs.

Simplified and fast online registration

Improved layout controls

Improved Data Protection. Recover from up to 10 past deletions from your database.

Swiss Ephemeris for maximum accuracy.

Import from Goravani Jyotish, Parashara's Light and more.

Many free Background images provided for beautiful chart pages.

Declination degrees and minutes in Custom Tables.

Astronomical Table now has DMS for velocities of the planets.

Velocity in % in Custom Tables.

Graha Dashas (like Vimshottari) show six levels if required.

New Mandi and Gulika options.

Improved Research Graphs now show factors relating to the nodes.

Auspicious Divisions Names table showing the names of the divisions (Vaisheshika Amshas)

(for example, Pres. Barack Obama has a very high score for his Ascendant Lord)

Rectification Table

X Latta table showing the kicks on the natal from the transits, a nakshatra technique.

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