Shri Jyoti Star 10
By Hank Friedman

Very Important Note:

The new Shri Jyoti Star 10, has many new features (see my review, below) but also these major limitations:

It can only be purchased on the Microsoft Windows app website.

It can only be purchased via a subscription
that automatically renews unless you specify otherwise.

It will only run on Windows 10 and 11 computers
(no Macs or Windows 7 PCs).

No distributors can sell version 10
nor provide any customer support for it, including me.

So if you want to run Shri Jyoti Star
on a Mac (under Crossover), or on a Windows 7 PC,
or don't want to purchase subscription software (as I do),
you can purchase Shri Jyoti Star 9 instead here.

Shri Jyoti Star 10 is the latest version of the phenomenally powerful Vedic program cherished by both professionals and students of Jyotish. It runs on Windows PCs and on Macs using Parallels or Crossover.

Shri Jyoti Star now has the largest accurate time-change atlas of any software, with millions of locations -- essentially every populated location in the World, plus a city search feature to find every place with a similar name in any country or U.S. state. For example, if you search for "bear" in California, it displays all of the towns with those letters, including Arrowbear Lake.

The program now has a famous people's chart file with 1,000's of entries, based upon the most current AstroDatabank data, so that you can find notable charts easily and do research on them too.

New to version 10 are two mini reports: a mini natal report that appears for each point in a chart, and a mini Dasa report for any Dasa/Bhukti period. The natal reports have information about house and sign placement, strength, dispositors, nearby and aspecting planets, qualities, and more, while the mini Dasa report includes the Dasa and Bhukti lords mutual relationship (relative house placements) and the Argalas activated on each house. These are both valuable resources for both beginners and practicing astrologers.

One feature many astrologers will enjoy is the Vedic Monthly Calendar. The calendar shows Sunrise and Sunset; Lunar Month, Paksha and Tithi; Lunar Nakshatra start and end times with Tara Bala (favorable or unfavorable), planetary sign and Nakshatra ingresses, Vedic transit-to- natal aspects, changes to 5 levels of Vimshottari Dasa, changes in planetary direction, and Vedic festivals with Samkranti names. With the program's superb Time Change bar, you can also easily step backward or forward by month or year at a click. This is a superbly implemented feature!

The new File Finder enables you to quickly find a person by searching all of your chart files at once and then open the person's chart that you want. This is a great asset for those who have imported a variety of chart files into Shri Jyoti Star (The program can import chart files from the major Western and Vedic programs easily.) And on the Data Entry screen, when you click on a chart, you see its preview immediately. Nice!

Another fine addition is the ability to find the Name Point and place it in charts. The Name Point is derived from the beginning of a person's first name, and can be use both by its position in the chart and as a new Lagna (and even calculate Dasas from a person's name).

Added to the already outstanding number of tables in Shri Jyoti Star are tables of Special Drekkanas, Drishti Pada Chakra, KP Sript, Nadiamsha, Tara Bala in detail, Nakshatra types, Samkalpa, Samkrantis, and more.

The already superlative research features have been expanded and enhanced, with more search terms such as gender, day/night births, yogas including Kala Sarpa, Mala, and Nabasa, and Rikta, Karanas, and Sun + Moon combinations. Search choices include 'Is Yogi' or 'Is AvaYogi', in Nakshatra states and aspects, multiple levels of dispositors, more types of strength conditions and much, much more.

The upgrade also has a new report generator, and comes with a yoga report finding and interpreting hundreds of the major yogas for each chart. More reports will be included in future updates.

Shri Jyoti Star has many valuable Muhurta graphs for finding the best time to initiate events, etc., such as Panchanga, Star/Tara Bala, Transiting Planetary Strengths, Transit impact on natal planets, and Retrogression. Clicking on Version 10's Murhurta graphs new >< button jumps to the nearest events in a graph, such as the entry of a planet into a sign or Nakshatra or the start of a Dasa or Bhukti, immediately showing the chart for that event. Every chart, table and graph on the page changes to the new date and time. The Panchanga Muhurta graph now includes Horas making it even more powerful for finding elections.

A powerful new feature included in the Panchanga Muhurta graph and elsewhere are the many Panchanga Yogas. Charts can now be computed for Nakshatra and Yoga Pravesh (entry) for any chart that allow one to see one's strength and connections. Many details of the current Jovian year are also added.

Information on various traditional Vedic techniques have been provided, such as Kurma Chakra, Pataki Chakra, Ghataka Chakra, Janma Vighatika and much more. You can even see which types of Astanga Yoga come easiest to a person along with the Upanishad they should study for each of their planets as a remedy or for enhancement of benefits.

Shri Jyoti Star has been the preferred Jyotish program of Vedic astrologers for many years, and the enhancements and improvements in this latest version make it even more valuable for both beginning astrologers and very advanced ones. Truly excellent!

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